What does the course include?

The course involves an intensive programme of counselling theory and skills, as well as training to manage a caseload in the setting of a voluntary counselling placement.

The diploma Year 1 course will focus on building a sound theoretical foundation for clinical practice by developing understanding of the person centred model. The emphasis in Year 2 will be on integration, drawing on perspectives from the  cognitive behavoural and psychodynamic models.

You will be required to log client and supervision hours on this course. 100 client hours are required to pass the level 4 Diploma.Personal counselling is advised but is not a pre-requisite of the course.

You will study the following units:

  • Working safely, ethically and professionally as a counsellor
  • Working within a counselling service organisation
  • The therapeutic relationship
  • Self-awareness in the counselling process
  • Working within a coherent framework of counselling theory and skills
  • working self-reflectively

This is a 2 years part time course.


FROM 2017 – we are offering the opportunity for a small group of students to undertake the Diploma with CBT as their core modality which will involve separate teaching for some sections of the qualification from a CBT qualified trainer. If you are interested in this option please write it on your application form.

What do I need to get on this course?

You will need to be assessed before applying/enrolling for this course.

You will need to have completed the ‘Level 3 Cert in Counselling SKills’ or an equivalent course, and/or by interview if you have the relevant academic background and/or work experience.

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed on your coursework and observation of skills. This will result in a portfolio that will be assessed internally by the centre and an externally marked unit that will include everything about your placement with a counselling agency or organisation.

Where does it lead?

This course will qualify you as a professional counsellor as well as offering progression to Level 5 counselling courses. (Please see on our coming soon section – Level 5 Diploma to be offered from 2018)